The 2013 BMW 328i Sports Wagon

I’m very old school in my personal tastes and there are some aspects of my life that just won’t tolerate certain things. For instance, soccer and hot weather, or beer in wine glasses. The terms BMW and Station Wagon also fall into that category but the 2013 BMW 328I Sports Wagon challenges that thought.

Station wagons were the staple of many domestic car manufacturers in the 60’s and 70’s with the wood-grain trim among the most horrific of identifying features I can remember. However, times have moved on now and we’ve had a break from those lumbering gas guzzlers to where now, the form and function characteristics of those vehicles are becoming more and more popular with the buying public. BMW have been more renowned for their luxury sedans and sports cars but for years, have also been active in the smaller 4-door Sedan market. The 328I Sports Wagon however, represents a bit of a gamble.

The reality of this type of body style for BMW is that it will be sold in an exclusive market in the US. Typically, this car will only be sold in five states and 70% of those sales will most likely be in California. It suggests that there is a huge untapped market out there, but the car-maker is realistic about it’s potential.

The BMW 328i Sport Wagon comes with a 2.0L 240hp 4cyl engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The motor is turbocharged and gets the car to 60mph from a standing start in a slick 6.0 seconds (remember folks, this is a wagon). It has tons of space, but as expected, the ride is a little “firm” (their word not mine). There are folding 40/20/40 bench seats in the rear and a power tailgate. It performs under pressure as well as the 328i Sedan which is a delight to drive by all accounts. It produces an acceptable 26mpg highway fuel consumption and at present, and is the most spacious wagon on the market.

BMW have high hopes for this vehicle and despite slow sales at the outset, with the features on offer, the future looks bright for a car unfortunately named, a wagon. However, the difficult part for me, and maybe I’m just not searching hard enough, but when you sift through the BMW website to find more information on this model, it’s not there. In my world, if you’re looking to sell a product for the sticker price of around $38,000, you’d better have a resource available so I can be sure I’ll spend my money wisely.

“Hello, is this BMW?”

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