Cover your ears: It’s the 2013 Audi R8 GT

One of the features I love about expensive European sports cars, is the way that they sound when pulling away from a standing start. In terms of sheer, chest pounding, teeth rattling noise, nothing beats the 2013 Audi R8 GT.

This car belongs in the category of “Supercar” although the model has been around the block a few times having first been introduced to European roads back in 2006. The current 2013 model comes complete with a throaty V10 powerplant which gives you between 580 and 600HP of pure thrust which is more than enough to wake up grandma. The noise factor of the Audi R8 GT comes from a unique combination of manifolds that puts it square in the gunsights of those Italian monster machines Ferrari and Lamborghini. For me, the sound is very reminiscent of my experience at the Indy 500 in 1997 when the naturally aspirated engines made by Oldsmobile and Nissan were first introduced. Back then at The Brickyard, when the green flag dropped, you had to put your false teeth in your pocket or they’d fall out on Turn #1. I get that same feeling with this car.

Audi struggled for performance with the R8 for a few years until they solved the issue of weight. By adapting the seats, the brakes, insulation and suspension characteristics, the designers lost enough poundage to make this car more of a beast than it already was. It has a standard 6-speed manual/automatic transmission and in combination with the all aluminum engine, will get you to 60mph from a standing start in 3.5 secs. What is hard to believe is that there is an electric version of this car, the R8 e-Tron, which Audi have raced to rally success in Europe. It was born from a concept car that Audi introduced in 2009.

Now for the obscene stuff. The R8 gets 12/19mpg city/highway mileage and has a top speed of 199mph. There will only be just over 330 of these beauties made, all by hand, and only 90 of them will be sold in the US, so I’d grab your deckchair and your Snickers bar, it could be a long night. For my taste, this car is more like a race car than a production road vehicle and now more than ever, it sounds like one. Finally, the Audi R8 GT base price is $197,000.

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